Boston Marathon 2016

In the weeks (and months) leading up to Boston this year, I kept telling myself that whatever time goal I decided to push for on race day would be at least partially weather dependent. Having run a crazy hot Boston in 2012 and two warmer than ideal ones in 2013 and 2104, I knew how […]

Blues Cruise 50k 10/4/15

Five days out from the Blues Cruise 50k I was plastered to the couch, unable to do much more than get up briefly to get a drink or take another round of medication. I’m not sure how I would define my illness exactly – it felt flu-like, with fatigue and weakness and achiness, but my […]

Carrying too many things

It’s 3:40am. My alarm just went off which means it must be a Monday, Wednesday or Friday, all days when I have to be in to my veterinary job at 7:30am. It sounds like a lot of hours between getting up and heading to work, but I’m always trying to fit all sorts of things […]

Chasing the Unicorn Marathon 8/16/15

This past Sunday I ran the Chasing the Unicorn Marathon, held on the Delaware Canal Path just outside of New Hope. The race is set up as a last chance qualifier for Boston since registration opens a few weeks later. For those who aren’t familiar, the Boston Marathon symbol (or really, the Boston Athletic Association […]

The Grassy Edge

Changing our perspective can be as simple or as complicated as we choose to make it. It seems overly simplistic, doesn’t it? Simply choosing happiness over sadness, love over anger, hope over disappointment. While making that choice doesn’t mean we’ll never experience any of those negative feelings again, it opens up a doorway and lets […]

Guest Post on Strength Running

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted anything new here, but I’m working to rectify that! In the meantime I’ve had some other projects in the works. I’m thrilled to have an article featured on the fantastic website of my former running coach, Jason Fitzgerald. It was an awesome opportunity to write about tackling the […]

Philly Love Run Half-Marathon, 3/29/15

  Disclaimer: I’m not typically one to write lengthy race reports. Not that I have anything against them – in fact I enjoy reading other’s write-ups – but sometimes I’m just so hyper-focused during the race itself that by the time I get home and try to remember the details it’s all a bit of […]